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Who are we?


We, at Firefly Animal Rescue, are dedicated to finding the perfect home for rescued animals. We rescue animals from pound facilities and when we are able to, we take on private surrenders also.

Our mission is to give a animals a second chance through rescue, appropriate vet care, rehabilitation and then rehoming them in a loving family that best suits each individual animals needs. We endeavour to match people to the right pet, according to their lifestyle and make attempts at educating the public on matters such as responsible pet ownership, behaviour, appropriate nutrition and maintenance of animals.

We have a very dedicated Admin team at Firefly, they are Teaghan and Fernanda. We also have a fantastic support base of foster carers and volunteers who all strive to achieve are mission.

All our dogs and cats are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flead and wormed unless specified.

All rabbits come desexed and vaccinated

All male guinea pigs and male ferrets are desexed and mite/flea treated and all other females are flea/mite treated. 

Animals Available to adopt
​Volunteer: Become a Foster Carer!

Here at Firefly Animal Rescue we are dedicated to finding the perfect home for rescued animals. But first,  we need amazing foster carers that can open their homes, and their hearts, to these needy animals!

As a rescue Firefly provide:

  • All vet work expenses

  • Flea treatment

  • Worming treatment

  • Communication and support for behavioural concerns

  • Dog training with our dog trainers for issues which cannot be resolved


As a foster carer all you need to provide is:

  • Food

  • Love

  • Transport support for vet work

  • Your time for meet and greets

See our Volunteers tab to see how you can help!

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