Firefly Animal rescue is a Not for Profit Charity that has been in operation for four years. All funds are fundraised by the hard work of our admin team and volunteers! 


But now you can also support our work so that we can help even more animals in the future! Support us, even with a few dollars or a bag of pet food! It’s never the amount that matters, but the intent, because even the smallest donation can help a foster carer or an animal in need!

Firefly Animal Rescue also prides itself on giving the harder cases a second chance. From our golden oldies who require specialist dental, to our car accident victims that need orthopaedic surgery or our contagious or mange infested animals that sometimes require hospitalisation or quarantine, we always need support to cover our vet fees.

We currently have two animals in care, Harper and Ruby, who have fractures in their legs and foot respectfully. We need to provide top quality vet care, surgery as well as rehab as needed all of which is quiet expensive. if you could donate to their vet costs we would highly appreciate it!

if you could spare a few dollars buy a treat for a dog or cat please visit:


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